Yard Clean - works like magic!

With the lovely warm, dry summer behind us, now's the time to freshen up your outdoor area and get rid of any smells that have built up during the summer months.

Yard Clean is an environmentally sensitive treament that gets rid of general odours caused by pets or household waste - no matter how bad!  Use on both porous and non-porous surfaces so great for patios, yards, kennels, wheely bins or refuse areas.  And it's great for artificial grass!

Available in 2 sizes, you simply dilute it 1 part Yard Clean to 20 parts water and spray.  The 3.78 litre size makes over 75 litres!

Non-toxic, it's safe to use around people and pets.


NEW Zorb it-Up! Travel Clean up Kit

The time is approaching when you pack the car ready for a long journey with your children and pet dog.  You set off in anticipation for a great holiday ahead and ....oops ....there is an accident!

Don't despair, with the essential Zorb it-Up Travel Clean Up Kit, dealing with accidents has never been easier.

Only £9.50 see the Urine Off shop for more details or phone 01903 876310.





Bio-Pro Research leads the way with its pioneering approach to stain and odour removal by having 81 of its bio-based products certified in the new USDA Bio Preferred Certification Programme*.  The innovative bio-enzymatic technology is far more effective than many traditional chemical methods for the removal of organic stains and odours, yet safe for materials, humans and environment.

*This certification standard enables customers to clearly distinguish bio-based products from those derived from petroleum or other non-renewable resources.


The new Wine Off and Coffee Off refillable pens.  Handy to carry in your pocket or handbag, the refillable pen is perfect for those little spills when you are out and about for business or social occasions.  Simply spray on any stains, allow to work for 5 minutes and then blot.



  Zorb-it-Up super absorbent disposable sheets make light work of cleaning up pet messes.  Using the incredible Zorb-it-Up technology, turning liquid to solid gel, the sheets absorb incredible amounts of urine, vomit and other organic fluids.

The plastic film backing provides a sanitary barrier which ensures that you never touch the mess, making it quick and easy to clean up!