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Whether you have a young or elderly animal, or a pet that is hard to housetrain, most homes with pets have to deal with urine stains and odours at some time. When cleaning the area, it's essential to remove all traces of urine otherwise you'll simply be masking the odour on a temporary basis and the smell will continue to build up. Urine Off offers a solution to any situation and is suitable for virtually any surface, including carpets and upholstery.

Urine Off

Finally... something that actually works. Urine Off permanently eradicates the problem of urine odours and stains, both human and pet. The natural bio-enzymatic formula is specifically developed to 'eat' the insoluble uric acid crystals, a component of urine that binds itself to the surface and is very difficult to remove. Suitable for virtually any surface, you will notice a difference after the first spray of Urine Off.

Urine Litter Tray Cleaner - 500ml

Urine Litter Tray Cleaner - 500ml

Specially formulated with bio-active enzymes to attack urine at the molecular level. Removes stains and odours completly. A spray between cleans, helps stop litter tray rejection Non toxic for Cats & Humans, Unique enzymatic formulation - no harsh chemicals

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