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Urine Off breaks down dried uric acid crystals - the primary source of odours caused by small animal's urine. It even works on ferret urine, considered by many to be one of the most potent odours caused by small animals. Ideal for cleaning cages and areas where small animals are kept.

Urine Off

Finally... something that actually works. Urine Off permanently eradicates the problem of urine odours and stains, both human and pet. The natural bio-enzymatic formula is specifically developed to 'eat' the insoluble uric acid crystals, a component of urine that binds itself to the surface and is very difficult to remove. Suitable for virtually any surface, you will notice a difference after the first spray of Urine Off.

Urine Off for Small Animals

Urine Off for Small Animals

Removes both old and fresh urine stains and odours permanently, from virtually any surface. Tackles even the strongest ferret odours.

500ml spray Code: UR025 £9.99
Urine Off Pet Professional Concentrate

Urine Off Pet Professional Concentrate

This bulk dispensing system is the most economical way to use Urine Off in large areas. Perfect for dealing with animal urine in runs or kennels both indoor and outdoor. Ideal for breeders, boarding facilities, groomers and veterinary clinics. Also suitable for use in stables and horse boxes. Pour the Pet Professional Concentrate in to the Fill Pro Container and add water to the 5 US Gallon mark. (Container and concentrate sold separately.

Urine Off Fill Pro 5 US Gallon EMPTY CONTAINER (for use with the Concentrate) Code: UR143 £32.26
Pet Professional 3.15 Litre Concentrate (add water to make 5 US Gallons) Code: UR144 £68.69
Urine Off  Odour Neutraliser Fogger

Urine Off Odour Neutraliser Fogger

Packaged in a total release fogger that destroys lingering odours on contact. Turn on in a sealed room where offending odours are and allow an hour to knock out the smell. Works in rooms up to 20'x20'. This is not an air-freshener. Read instructions before use.

177g Code: UR050 £10.83
Urine Finder UV Light

Urine Finder UV Light

A special LED UV Light finely tuned to find dried urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye, making it easy to find the area that requires treatment. (Requires 3xAAA batteries not included.)

6.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 Code: UR021 £14.50
Urine Off Zorb-it-Up Absorbent Sheets

Urine Off Zorb-it-Up Absorbent Sheets

Make light work of cleaning up accidents. Using the incredible Zorb-it-Up technology which turns liquids to a gel, the disposable sheets absorb urine, vomit and other organic fluids. The plastic film backing provides a sanitary barrier which ensures that you never touch the mess - a hygenic and easy way to clean up! Each sheet measures 11" x 17".

Pack of 2 sheets Code: UR041 £1.20
Box of 15 sheets Code: UR042 £7.55

Yard Clean

Works like magic to remove general outdoor odours. Keep the yard, kennel, cattery or patio fresh and clean smelling.

Yard Clean removes unpleasant odours from all outdoor areas.  An environmentally sensitive treatment it eradicates smells caused by pets, household waste and other contaminants.

Use Yard Clean regularly on porous and non-porous surfaces to control recurring odours.  Suitable for wheely bins and artificial grass.

Mix 1 part Yard Clean to 20 parts water.  For very strong and difficult odours, you may increase the amount of Yard Clean in the mix ratio.  Non-toxic and safe to use around people and pets.

Yard Clean

Yard Clean

An environmentally friendly, multi-purpose odour eliminator which is safe to use with disinfectant. For best results use daily or regularly as required, mixing 1 part Yard Clean to 20 parts water.

946ml (32oz) Code: YAR001 £15.63
3.78 LITRES Code: YAR002 £44.67